Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Volcano Cayon

Today Jim and I checked out the Michigan Bluff to Bath Road section. It seems there has been some logging done on the sides of the road which makes it much more exposed than I remember. After you leave Michigan Bluff and head up the road for about 2.5 miles then take a left back onto the trail. This section is much wider than I remember probably because they are driving vehicles into the area for logging but I am not sure. The decent into Volcano Canyon has been worked on and it's much smoother with no large step downs remaining. I think this will be nice for me as I generally get passed a ton here because I am slow on the steep downhill. I like this section because you have just conquered the canyons, spent some moments with your crew and you get glimpse of civilization so you have the sense all the hard work has been done and it's time to run! In this picture of Jim you can see the paved road deep in the canyon below. After the descent into the canyon you cross a lovely creek and begin the gradual runnable climb into Bath Road. There are sections in this climb that are nice and flat so you can shake out the legs a bit before you walk up the steep section to the aid station. The views along the trail are very nice!

Today it was about 86 degrees when we started running. You know you are sweating when you stop to go pee and as you lean forward water is dripping from your face! We are getting very used to the warm temperatures and Jim is sporting fewer salt lines on his clothes :).

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