Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello from Auburn, CA

Jim and I left on Saturday (6/17) for Auburn. We wanted to get down to the area a few days early and check out parts of the course and bask in the heat. Jim hasn't run WS with the Duncan Canyon section so we definitely wanted to get out on that part of the course. All our runs now are short but still contain enough quality that they can be hard. Some 3Ba and AT in each runs is supposed to keep us sharp for race day.

When we arrived on Saturday we headed to Robie Point and ran backwards on the course past No Hands Bridge and then back. It was pretty darn warm, probably about 94 degrees and we were sweating pretty hard. We are not using any air conditioning in the car or rooms. We are eating most of our meals outside in the sun and spending as much time outside as we can. It has actually been fairly easy and not too uncomfortable.
Today (Sunday) we waited for it to heat up and then headed to Robinson Flat and ran back towards Duncan Canyon then back to Robinson. This is part of the burned forest section and I thought the trail looked a bit better than last year but I really can remember. Duncan Creek at the bottom was very low compared to last year. I kept warning Jim (who doesn't like to get wet) that this creek is pretty high. At least that's how I remember it. I recall having to put my pack around my neck so it wouldn't get wet. Here is a picture of the creek, not high at all. We could easily have crossed without getting wet but chose to walk right through the middle. The sun had moved over the canyon so there wasn't any beating sun like there will be during race day, it was actually comfortable.

Here are some pictures I took:

Jim at the Duncan Canyon aid station:
Nice downhill section after the Duncan aid station. The forest is burned and the remaining trees are black from the ground up: As you head up out of Duncan Creek towards Robinson Flat the forest is still very burned as you climb nice gradual switchbacks up the canyon. Near the bottom the switchbacks are easy running but as you get near the middle of the hill they become steeper and harder to run because of the grade and the rocky trail.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thx alot! Some friends of mine are all reading this. See you soon!

Fellow Grand Slammer victim - Al (runner #68)

Lisa McCarthy said...

Hi Guys! Thanks for posting while you're in Auburn Ronda! It was great to see what's going on down there as we get ready to head down on Thursday! Can't wait..woo hoo!!

See you all soon!

skokesh said...

Hey there Ronda & Jim,
Great to see a post from you pre-race!! I'm glad you are down there
heat training 'cause it has been 66 & grey here. It was social hour
on the wildwood Saturday morning, I hit WW trail at 6 a.m. and did 27.5 miles.....I had Jacki, Mark & Amber along for various segments. We ran into Michael & Rick Klocke as well. The more the merrier! I had a good day gearing up for PCT. I felt super--ran up 99% of the hills, thinking about you down there prepping for WS100 gave me mental motivation during my run.
Take care and be careful with your taper this week. Cheers and hugs to both you & Jim. Can't wait to hear more on your blog during the week. Don't worry about Alex getting to camp Sunday, all will go well, and Evan is so excited to spend some time with him.
Cheers!! Tell Jim hello.
Susan Kokesh