Monday, June 18, 2007

Some like it hot!

Today was really hot! The car read 100 degrees when we headed out for our 75 minute run. We goofed around early in the day. Got a pedicure, had coffee and got a few things at the grocery store. Of course Jim did not get his toes painted but I now have blue toenails with little white flowers with a pink center, very fun and relaxing. All the dry icky skin on my feet is gone and that will really help.

We ate lunch and then headed out to Hwy 49 aid station and ran backwards toward Brown's Bar then turned and ran back to Hwy 49. The trail seemed to be in better condition than last year. Jim paced me here during 2006 and he thought it was a lot smoother but I can't remember. At that point in the race it's just one foot after the other....trip, trip, stumble, run on whatever. This is a section where I have historically moved very slow. From ALT aid station to Brown's Bar seems to go on and on in my mind. I am always asking my pacer how much further. Sort of like a kid in the back seat of the car......"are we there yet"?
We wanted to do this because there is a climb after leaving the rolling section from Brown's Bar. Right after you hit the gravel road and travel about .5 miles you begin a climb up before descending into Hwy 49. When we arrived at the climb on our way to Hwy 49 we got a good laugh at the "big climb". Basically it's hardly noticeable but is definitely a tug. It's very short and non-intimidating in the daylight when your on a training expedition but during the race it's Mt. Everest! This is a picture of the "big climb" in the Brown's Bar to Hwy 49. We also got a good daylight view of the area where many runners miss the turn and continue on the gravel road. This is well marked but can be deceiving when you rummy and tired. This is picture of me taking the turn back onto the trail.

Being here early is a real gift. It has given me a lot of quiet time away from the day to day busy hustle and bustle. I am really relaxed and getting very comfortable with the heat.



b said...

This is an enjoyable post. I hope neither of you overdo.


worried father type,


Darin Swanson said...

Good to see pictures of what the trail will look the dark we will only be running down those lights in front of us :-)

Please tell me you have hit In-N-Out!