Wednesday, June 20, 2007

River Crossing - Last run in Auburn

Today Jim and I went to Green Gate and drove down as far as we could without getting our car high centered. We made it about 70% down the section you climb out on during the race. On the other side of river we saw WS volunteers who were finishing up testing the cable. It was pulled out of the river by the time we got there. The volunteer was talking to us from across the river and was pretty excited to see runners down there today. The first thing I noticed was how low the river was compared to last year. Jim is out on some rocks that were all under water last year and the boats got all the way up to spot I am standing to take the picture.

Once we climbed back to the car we headed up to Green Gate aid station to start our run. We were surprised how far down the river is from Green Gate! When your in the race it seems to go by so fast but I know most crews do not hike down to the river instead they wait at Green Gate and now I know why. Not that my crew would dream of missing the opportunity for more exercise ;/. It is a pretty steep hike as well and now I know why it takes so long!

It was only 91 today during our run, ha, ha....only. Actually Jim and I are not really bothered by the heat like we were last Saturday. I am sweating very nicely now and no salt rings on my clothes and the weather man is calling for cooler temperatures on Saturday. I guess most anything would be considered cool after last years oven run. We ran into a long time Tevis Cup rider today on the trail and he talked and talked about the ride. It was really interesting and fun to see him so excited about it. He has done for many many years but he wouldn't say exactly how many.

The section from Green Gate to ALT is a piece of the course I really like and generally move pretty well on. I can see whey now. It's nice and smooth with some mild rollers so not that hard of a section but it is mile 80. We were really happy with our opportunity to spend so much time on the course this last week, not stressing and just enjoying taper runs. I think it will make race day even more fun. Tomorrow we drive back to Sacramento to pick up Bill, Stacey, Micheal and Lisa and head to Squaw. Micheal and Lisa will meet the rest of their crew in Squaw. Looking forward to it all!


olga said...

Yay, Ronda, congrats on an awesome finish! You and your friends rocked it!!! Waiting for details:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Rooster and all the PDX area WS entrants! Nicely done!

Ronda, MichaelM, JimR, MikeB - all under 24 hrs. Fantastic showing!

I can only imagine the drama on the trail. The ws100 website hardly does it justice.