Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trying to be smart

These are my track shoes that did not get to go for a run yesterday. I had to opt out of my track session yesterday because my left hamstring has a huge ball of bunched up muscle in it. I probably spent 4 hours debating on whether to go power through the workout or do a recovery run instead. This is a recovery week anyway but I am so stubborn and regiment that it was really hard for me to let this workout go. I know it sounds silly but I have stewed about this for far to long now. This is my attempt to eradicate if from my brain. There are so many runners that have had hamstring problems this year all that was going trough my head was, "I hope I didn't do anything stupid at AR50"....."you shouldn't have run so fast at the beginning when you didn't train to run like that"...."you were tired going into the race and now look what happened"...."WS is only 67 days away"....."I hope it's nothing". Wow, it was an exhausting day. I called, Bill, I called Stacey, I called Susan, I called Cathy, I emailed Micheal, I talked to Marlin and they all said, "no track"!

I did a 45 minute recovery instead and it was sore but this morning it's much better and tonight I'll give it another test drive before my tempo run tomorrow. I am sure it's just tight muscles but after everything everyone has been through with hamstrings this year I got myself all freaked out! The power of the mind, wow I need an off button :)


olga said...

Congrats on not going to the track - yep, it was hard, but it was very smart. Can do no injury with 67 days to go!

Kendra Borgmann said...

Hi Rooster! :) I loved your AR50 recap... however I hold you personally responsible for the fact my stomach is now growling. I think I resemble your dog Ultra more than I do you: rest and recovery come *very* easily to me. Bag a track workout? Yes, please! Not something I'm actually proud of. I wish we could give each other some of our opposing traits. Good work on a tough week. You'll see the dividends I'm sure. I hope Hammy gets better soon.

caroline said...

You did the right thing! Besides, you got your speedwork out of the way at AR50! Good luck working the knot out. Throw everything at it -- massage, heating pad, stretching, anything else in your bag of tricks, and a dollop of patience.