Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ouchy Mama......

Another Saturday and that means another Black Saturday. Yesterday it was so beautiful and warm, very Spring like weather. The weekend was supposed to be the same. I was looking forward to running Black Saturday in nice weather but was woke up this morning at 5:00 by pounding rain. I quickly ran to our office to look at my weather clock and it said 51 degrees so even though it was pouring it was warm, whewwwww. Today's workout was a choice of 2X40 min. hill repeats or 3X30 min. Of course I thought the 3X30 would be harder but when I spoke with Scott he thought the 2X40 would be harder due to the fact you have to hold threshold for 10 minutes more. He said go ahead and try the 3X30 and see what you think.

We headed to Herman Creek trail head to begin our journey and when we arrived at the gate we saw two parked cars who had had their windows smashed in :(. Tom was already on the trail and his car still had all its windows so we assumed the window smashing must have taken place last night and the folks who's cars were there must be overnight hikers. Bummer to come back and have your car windows smashed in and your entire car full of rain water. We have had a rash of these kinds of break ins in the Gorge area lately, it's been all over the news.

We had a big BS group today...the more the merrier it's fun to have lots of people. Tom was already on the trail so Micheal, Steve, Cian, Jim and I all headed for our 2 mile warm-up. Once we got to the junction where we begin the repeats we shed unneeded gear so we can be lightening fast, ha, ha, ha. We stash our packs behind a tree and take a gel and a water bottle. The marker for today would be the wilderness sign on the PCT trail 2000. Last year I would make it to this marker in 29 minutes so that seemed like a good spot for a 30 minute repeat. This trail is not as smooth at the start as Gorton Creek but we use it because it's long and we can do 60 minute repeats on it. It also has some steeper sections but offers a nice steady grade.
Right off the bat I could tell my legs did not have the same spring they had last weekend but I also knew this was the beginning of heavy weeks with regards to mileage and intensity and my body would need a couple of weeks to adapt. I think we all were feeling the fruits of our workouts this week except for Cian, he bolted up that hill like a deer. He was out of sight fast! I reached the marker in 27:00 on very tired legs so I was happy, better than last year but it felt hard. After a quick refueling we were off for number 2. The second one was no picnic either but was fairly steady at 27:42, the third just a bit slower at 28:45 but it was definitely felt very very hard. Overall a good session but I think we all agreed the 2X40 would have been easier :). Hey....we tried it, don't have to try it again, ha, ha, ha. Wow, those were hard but totally worth the challenge....easy for me to say that now after an ice bath and a ton of food! Now for the cool down. On the books was a 1-2 hour cool down and I generally want to do the max. on everything but I was wiped out and couldn't wait to be done. Jim had already finished and headed home, Tom had enough and was gone, Steve did a small portion of the cool down. Cian, Micheal and I were the only BS Gang left so we headed out the Herman Creek trail for the about 40 minutes and then turned around. I felt like I was bonking so I was shoving margarita flavored shot blocks in mouth and pretending I was in Mexico. Since that wasn't working I opted for the music! A little Guns and Roses is always sure to get me moving and I finally caught up with Cian and Micheal just in time to see the move the month! Cian leaping over a huge log after 20 miles of tough running, it was great....nice work Cian.
All of us who know Steve know that he loves the wildflowers. He can identify every flower in the forest. He will go on and on about the flowers and today was no different. Here we are running so hard we can barely see straight but Steve can spot the tiny flowers amongst the trees and moss, he is really happy when the flowers come out! I have no idea what kind of flower this is.....Steve did tell me about six times but I was sort of in a moment so I can't tell you what it is. But, I do remember it's nickname has something to do with a deer, it's supposed to look like a deer with antlers....I don't see it but Steve sure did :).
Another great day of training has gone by....fueling up for tomorrows Red Hot Sunday with the Counselor....6 hours of action packed running in less that 24 hours, yipppeeeee.

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