Sunday, April 8, 2007

Red Hot and Wrecked!

Another Red Hot Sunday but even with the outfit I never felt on fire. Before I get into any details about the run let me just tell you how these red outfits came in handy today, maybe handy isn't the right word. When I was lagging behind Micheal (my red twin) I stepped up the pace because I knew he would be waiting for us at the bridge....I took a wrong turn and Steve yells, "little red riding hood....let's go this way". When I was really lagging behind my red twin I asked a hiker, "have you seen a guy in red"....he quickly replied, "oh yeah, he exactly 10 minutes ahead". Now normally hikers don't even remember if they saw a runner more or less how far ahead they were. This guy was concrete in his answer. Those are a couple of funny "red" moments for today.

I will give today's run a 7 on the scale of what I would call "solid effort". I was still not recovered from this weeks festivities....recovered is a relative word here. Let's just say I didn't have any spring in my step but I was able to motor at a decent enough clip and because of that....this run earns a 7. In addition, today's ice bath was a 9 pounder with an additional 4 pounds left over from another day. That's a big ice bath because my dogs (legs) are tired. That is another reason this run deserves a 7. When you bring out the 9 pound bag of ice you know you have put forth some effort on your workout! This picture was taken at mile 20, quite dramatic but you get the idea.......worked!!!! The only one in the group that is not worked is the Counselor (my red twin). This is the point where he left us and blitzed the last 10 miles of our 30 mile run. We saw him disappear up the switchbacks......easy to see him amongst the trees....another benefit of the red suit :). That left me with brother Steve and brother Tom. At the beginning of our run they were going to head up King Mountain and leave us to cover the Wilson River trail on our own but Tom got worried about leaving us by ourselves in these outfits for fear bad things might happen to us. So when the Counselor took off I was stuck with my brothers (not my real brothers) and they thought it would be great fun to kick my butt on the climb but I held my own and made them work to keep me in sight. As we neared the top Tom was right on my butt and asked me what my heart rate should be and when I told him he said then lets move it. I pleaded with him to just let me suffer but he would have none of it and helped push me hard. At the top we waited for Steve who arrived sweating like crazy and begging for salt tablets as he collapsed on trail and asked for a moment of rest. Tom gave him about 30 seconds to pull himself together and get moving. We did a good job on this section. We waited at the next junction for Steve and when he arrived he said, "you guys just go, I am going to lay down here for 5 minutes". Once we up and over the climb it was a gentle rolling trail with one minor climb but only 4 miles back to the car......yeah!

What a nice trail, in great condition and offers some great views of the coast range. The trail is rolling but has some big rolling climbs and travels at least 20 miles one way. We covered 30 total miles today and over 5000 feet of climbing. A nice way to end a big volume week with a lot of intensity.

BTW - Your hamstrings hurt when you run to much :).

AR50 next Saturday, looking forward to a good training effort in a race environment but mostly I can't wait to see some sun!

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