Friday, July 27, 2007

Utah - Day 1

After a 13 hour drive which included the necessary stops we arrived in Deer Valley, UT. Beast only made me eat at one bad cafe on the way :). Those who know me and the Beast are familiar with are differing eating habits so we compromised and ate out once and I brought the other meal :). We also had a contest on who could request the least amount of rest stop breaks....Micheal you would lose big in this game. Since we are both stubborn we called a tie almost every time before one or both of us burst!

Last night we were treated with the usual Wasatch evening thunderstorms. They were loud and the lightening was very bright, I love these mountains. As we were bringing up our things to the room we both huffed and puffed and felt like the building was moving but it wasn't. It was just the effects of thin air. Seeing stars and wobbling down the hallway was a great reminder of what we are here to do.

This morning we woke up refreshed from our long drive and headed out to Lambs Canyon (mile 55 of the Wasatch course) and climbed up and over to Upper Big Water (mile 62) but we did not make it all the way to the aid station. We cut it short and didn't do the paved road section but instead turned around and retraced our steps. We ran/hiked for 7.4 miles and climbed 2,840 feet. This was the first run of any significance I have done since Vermont 100M and I feel really good. I would not have been doing anything like this after WS100M. My legs had good power for the climb but the descent was harder for my legs. They were not as strong and I was not as confident my quads would hold but what do I expect......exactly what I experienced, legs a bit tired in the end. As we climbed I could feel the tug on my lungs though my HR was pretty low (around 150) but the lack of air wasn't too debilitating. I expect to get another day of feeling good and then the blood cell die off will take hold. I estimate I will feel bad for about 5 days before I begin the upswing. That is what I have been told to expect so I will keep you posted on the lung transformation :)

During our run we saw some really fresh moose tracks but no moose :(. However, we did see a hiker being followed by his pet billy goat. The goat was just like a dog as he carried a pack and followed his owner. I quickly told the Beast I want one of those and he replied, "no you don't"! He was awfully cute though.........

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olga said...

Is that a haircut?
Enjoy the trip, hope you hook up with Wasatchgoats and keep posts coming!