Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mid-Mountain Trail and the Rail Trail

Day 2 we did the Mid-Mountain trail which is 23 miles long and travel from Deer Valley to The Canyons on the ridge line. It crosses all three ski areas, Deer Valley, Park City and The Canyons. It's all single track trail and all above 8000 feet. Beast and I headed out to do at least 16 miles of the trail point to point and take the bus back to Deer Valley. As we began our run it was obvious we were lacking air! Right off the bat we were huffing and puffing and not moving real fast but that was just fine. The trail was beautiful with all the Aspen trees and the shade was nice since the sun was hot. It was interesting to be running along and feeling a bit dizzy and sluggish but that is to be expected so I was just taking it all in paying attention to breathing. Beast was trying to teach me how to breath using respite breathing techniques but I was a bad student. I think I finally got the hang of it by he end of the run. We ran into a million mountain bikers on this trail because it was Saturday and all of them were very pleasant and courteous. Not trying to kill us before we could jump out the way. At about mile 8 into our run we decided to bail off and run down to Park City Ski Resort. My quads were feeling the run and lack of air and this would be our last opportunity to bail before the The Canyons which was another 8 miles. We took the Spiro trial down to the ski area. This trail drops about 2000 feet but is nice and gradual with the switchbacks. The drop is about 2.5 miles long. This was a great decision because my body was tired and I am in recovery mode right now. The last thing I need to be doing is stressing my muscles......that's next week.

My in laws and Alex arrived on Saturday. Alex has his bike so we went out for a spin around the lakes on a flat paved path. I tortured Alex by hugging him to death :). I also stole his bike and made him chase me down to get it back, he is fast!

Sunday, was an easy recovery day so we went to the Rail Trail right in Park City. This trail goes for at least 26 miles into the hills and is pretty flat. Alex came with Beast and I on his bike and we found some trails to adventure out on. All of us tried to get up this hill on Alex's mountain bike to no avail. It looked so easy and when Alex couldn't make it up the hill both Beast and I were going to show him how it is done. Well......we have a new appreciation for mountain bikers as both of us fell short falling off the bike in the same spot Alex fell. Alex was sure to let us know, "I told you so....". We ran for about an hour and could feel the tug on our lungs running very slow but with a labored breath. My legs feel better today but I have to say yesterday was a killer. I guess I am not quite recovered from Vermont :).

Tomorrow Beast and I are heading to the Mt. Tempanogos which tops out at 11,500 feet. The trail we are going to take is 9 miles up and and 9 miles down. I am sure we won't be setting any speed records but I have to sustain 3A with some 3B and AT. My first really workout since Vermont. I think it will be very easy to see these numbers with this thin air. :).

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