Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The last bit of running before the race.

On Sunday Bill, Beast and I did the Leadville 10K. I took it really easy and just talked with folks and ran as much as could before my HR jumped into 3B. The run is on the Leadville 100M course and covers the first 3.1 miles and then you just turn around and head back. The first bit is all downhill which is nice for warming up the lungs. There were a lot of 100M runners doing this event and some raced it hard while others just relaxed. I did the latter and chatted with a lot people and that was fun. During my journey in the SLAM I have met so many new friends from everywhere, people I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

On Monday Beast and Gavin (new friend) met at the Mt. Massive trail head and climbed to the top. Mt. Massive is the second highest peak in CO. They had a great time and the weather held up for them. It has been stormy, cloudy and rainy so they took a very early start to avoid any hindered views when they reached to summit. Gavin showed Beast another trail to the top so Bill couldn't resist and they headed out again on Tuesday for another climb up Massive. Again the weather held and not only did they have great views they saw white marmots......yes, white ones. None of us had ever seen a white one before and they let Bill get really close. The trail that Beast and Bill took was pretty steep but shorter than the one Beast did on Monday. The mountain climbers (Beast and Bill) have plans to do Elbert tomorrow and Sherman with the gang on Friday.

Monday I had the day off from running and the rest of us headed for a drive up and over Independence Pass into Aspen. The drive was beautiful and at the summit of the pass there is a lookout so we got out and enjoyed the views at 12,100 feet.

While Bill and Beast were on Massive I did my last run of any distance. I ran for 90 minutes with some good quality work in 3A and 3B and I was able to run the entire time! This was the first run I have done where I haven't needed to take walk breaks to stay in these zones. On my tempo run it was fine to be gasping near AT but this run was supposed to be consistent quality without gasping near AT. I was pleased to cover another 9.5 miles of the course from Sugarloafin to Mayqueen and I was even happier that I was able to run the whole time. With almost 3 weeks at some altitude I definitely will have a better race but I know the thin air will have a significant impact. I am excited and curious to see what that impact will be but I have some ideas. I think I will have to be very careful in first half to be sure I don't get myself in fueling mess and over fatigued. I wonder how my lungs will feel, all fun new things to experience and figure out.

Amy (Beast's daughter) arrived today and everyone headed to the mining museum. Tomorrow some of my best friends arrive, Stacey, Micheal, Jim, Steve and Tom. I am really looking forward to seeing them all, hanging out, laughing and doing Leadville. Bill is pacing Tom for some portion of the race, Beast is pacing Steve for some portion and Micheal, Stacey and Jim are going to make sure I keep moving!

P.S. - It just snowed in the mountains to the east. The mountains were clear as the thunder and rain his Leadville but then all of the sudden they are capped with the white stuff! Yeah....snow in August!


Darin Swanson said...

Have fun Ronda and make those pacers work :-)

Rooster said...

Thanks Darin! You have a great race at Waldo and we are anxious to hear all about it.

olga said...

Just a couple of days, and the music starts! So glad all of your buddies came and you get to hang out and laugh. I am sure 3 weeks away were a couple of weeks too long.
Rock on, girl!

skokesh said...


Jeff said...

Run well Rooster!! We're monitoring things from Pdx and excited to be following the drama and subsequent victory!

Wish to heck I was out there running with you guys!


Jon said...

Congrats on your sub-25 hour finish! One more to go! SLAM ON!!!!!

olga said...

We are waiting on the report, Golden Girl! How does it feel to buckle at Leadville? Congrats!